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Stop Focusing on Your Flaws

Well count me out for the first time in a long time! I went to visit my kids and grandkids last weekend and was felled by allergies! Good grief they kicked my butt. Here in Texas it seems like we just go from one allergy season to the next, and this one got me good. I am not one to be idle so doing a lot of nothing was difficult. I didn’t say I didn’t! Ha ha. But I felt a little guilty nonetheless.

I have been working fervently on staying in shape and exercising, even if it’s just my daily walk and basic yoga stretches. I want to make sure that I am fit and able to keep up with my grandkids as the years go by. But I have found that I tend to beat myself up if I don’t stick to my schedule, or take some time off, like getting this persistent cough and having to deal with that.

As you age your eyesight tends to wane, so when you want to put on eye makeup, for instance, you use a magnifier. I have found, however, that the more I use it the more I find “flaws” in my face, hair, neck, etc. I started to notice that I tend to only see my shortcomings. Is that you, too? My mother was always looking for products that would help erase wrinkles, or fix imperfections. I finally told her “Mom, we don’t see any of that. All us kids and the grandkids see is your smile.” Are you guilty of the same?

My point is, we women are notorious for beating ourselves up over one thing or another, and we need to stop! Maybe it’s just a mantra we need to recite when we are feeling particularly vulnerable. Maybe it’s just making a conscious effort to step away and take a breath! Either way, make time for your beautiful self!

I’ll continue to promote Young Living oils–I think they are the best! Since I have been suffering with seasonal allergies I have to share a blend that is working for me: Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree. Diffuse these for an all over house cleansing! Ahhh–I’m breathing easier already!

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