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How to Take Care of Yourself

wp-15736598581942256173678649025066.png Lezlie’s take:

Is it cold where you are? I think it’s cold in every part of the US, according to the news.  Here in Texas we are suffering through the latest blast. It’s supposed to “warm up” this weekend, hitting 60 degrees! Ha ha! Most of you, including some friends in New Mexico, do not consider this warm! I know I know. And I’m not sure why I am more acclimated to this weather, but I like some chill in the air, especially when I have on the proper clothing.

yoga2 One thing I have missed in the past few days is walking with Mia. Even putting her in her sweater would not help with the ridiculous winds we’ve been having. So I focus on what I can do inside to keep my 60+ body in shape. Yoga! Rick travels so much of his job and I have tried to convince him that STRETCHING will really help on those long hauls, but like most men, he resists. But I have found that when you hit 50 (or sooner?) that your muscles are less flexible. And I have mentioned before that I still want to be able to get on the floor and play with my grandkids. Being fit is something that you not only do for yourself but share with loved ones. I still have lots of living to do!

If you have not tried yoga you are missing out. And I’m not saying that you have to go all out bend-yourself-into-a-pretzel, but just embrace the idea that stretching all parts of your body and quieting your mind will do wonders for your spirit!


And stay tuned for Sunday’s blog. I’m headed to Houston for a surprise party. Lots of family will be there. So excited!

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