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To the Mountains We Go

It was a fast start to a week’s vacay in Ruidoso, New Mexico! Rick came home to tell me that he was taking a few days off from work so we could go. You don’t need to tell me twice! While the drive is long (eight hours!), it is definitely worth the wait, as they say. We sooo enjoyed just sitting on the deck watching the elk, enjoying a glass of wine, and sometimes socially distancing with friends. I am happy that we got to shop downtown (while wearing masks for sure!) and got to admire the artwork on the buildings that is new. Or maybe I just didn’t pay attention before!

While the New Mexico governor has since put back previous restrictions for the state, I would encourage anyone to visit Ruidoso. It’s friendly, eclectic and has a lot of activities going on!

Essential Oils: I still LOVE and will continue to promote Young Living Essential Oils! Let’s look at some amazing blends.

Travel oils: One thing I always pack are my essential oils! I have small bottles of my oils and manage to have a diffuser wherever/whenever we go. Most important on my list: lavender, thieves, a citrus (lemon, orange, lime, citrus fresh), and something woodsy like cedarwood, cypress or rosemary. They are all calming AND refreshing, especially when blended!

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