Making the Best of a Bad Situation


We had a great time visiting our daughter’s family this past weekend. Rick and I loved getting to see our sweet grandson play baseball. He is quite the hitter! We laugh that this is probably his sport because he is so little. That boy is not built to be a football player for sure!

So here I am back in Granbury dealing with the SCOURGE of this Corona virus, like everyone else. This blog is supposed to be about JUNKETS, but I don’t see that happening in the near future! I was looking forward to flying out to LA next week to take care of my sister while she recovers from surgery, but that’s not happening. I was looking forward to a family cruise in April to sprinkle my mom’s ashes in the ocean. Cruising was her favorite. But that’s not happening. I was also looking forward to a girls’ cruise in late April down to Cozumel and Roatan Honduras, but that’s not happening! Do I sound selfish? I probably do, and I apologize. And now it’s raining! Argh.

rainydayEnough of my pity party! Being the ever optimist I am going to look on the bright side. First, all of my family is healthy (except for the dreaded seasonal allergies). Next, IT’S SPRING BREAK TIME! That means a week off of school. And even if I can’t visit my sister I can take advantage of my little town and those nearby to do some exploring. Hiking? Probably. We have a number of state parks close by. Reading? I love the new Hoopla app, which gives me five free books online. Exploring new wineries? Yes indeed! How does the saying go, when given lemons…?

So we can all stay watchful but not fearful. Count your blessings, WASH YOUR HANDS, and    thisshallpass !!

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