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wp-15755028252938513909528395538026.png  Lezlie’s take:

I should have known that once the grands arrived for the Thanksgiving week all my plans would go right out the window! I sincerely apologize for not getting this blog out sooner, but I am still feeling a little overwhelmed!

experiencesOne of the perks of being a teacher is having some necessary time off. Both daughter Allison and I got an entire week at Thanksgiving! She and the kids (and dog Ruger) came on Monday while Jeff, her husband, worked. We figured out that he could take the train to us so they wouldn’t have two cars. I was happy to have them for a few more days and Jeff enjoyed his leisure five-hour train ride!

Except for a few glitches (bake element went out on the oven/heating element on the dryer–say what?) we had a great Thanksgiving. I was really glad that Allison was here to help with reorganizing the house (utilizing furniture from my mom’s). And I still have boxes of memorabilia from my mother’s estate that need to be gone through. childhood1But would you be surprised to hear that little ones don’t care about that stuff? Ha ha! I bet not! So we spent nearly the entire time they were here PLAYING. In our neighborhood there is a play area and playground equipment and we were there non-stop. Brodie was so happy that some “big boys” were willing to play flag football with him!



And while I am enjoying being in the “blogosphere” with tons of amazing people, I feel it is important to LIVE LIFE. So I am going to give myself permission to cut back and not focus on deadlines. If you’ve been reading long enough daughter Allison was also blogging, but I think she was hesitant to tell me that her passions have changed and she doesn’t enjoy blogging like she once did. She has a habit of burning her bridges in the middle (!) so some things have to be let go. And I can understand that.

I hope you continue to follow my journey enjoying life and family while continually looking for new adventures. I am enjoying every day of this life!

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