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Slowing Down Is Not An Option

wp-15712717917813510086751887087591.png  Lezlie’s take:

Rick and I had a great long weekend in Ruidoso. On the way home we stopped to visit with his parents. They are lovely people, but they have become house-bound–of their own choosing. My father-in-law retired at 50 (can you imagine? And they aren’t rich by any means!) and my mother-in-law soon after. They are in their 80s now and for a while were quite active in an RV group. They traveled quite a bit until most of them got tired of lugging around those big trailers (I don’t blame them!). So now they just sit. And go to doctor’s appointments. And watch TV. And wait for visitors. And watch TV.


BACKGROUND: I know that when Rick brought me home almost 45 years ago (!) they were not exactly thrilled. I’m just stating facts! They were hoping he would fall in love and marry one of the MANY girlfriends (I don’t say this lightly; I’ve met these women! They are still beautiful!) he dated through high school. But he went away to college, we met, and the rest is history. Obviously it worked out, but I know they’ve been in a quandary as to why he married me. Now, it’s no secret to either of us: we both found what we were looking for! And I’ll be straight up, it was my energy that was lacking in his life. He didn’t want COMFORT; he needed STIMULATION. The ordinary was boring. liveWhile we are only six months apart, my dad lived through the Korean War and World War II. I lived as a Navy brat all over the United States and even spent a couple of years in Japan. What an upbringing! So it’s really no wonder that Rick was intrigued with the lifestyle I took as second nature.

FAST FORWARD: We have been blessed to be able to travel to many different places, beginning with trips with my parents and then venturing out on our own. If you have followed this blog, travel is my jam (I almost sound like Kristen Bell right there)! So when my father-in-law said, “I want to live long enough for you to realize that sometimes it’s best just to stay home,” I just smiled. Later, as usually happens because I’m not that quick, I should have said, “When have you EVER seen  me just sit around?” And that is the absolute truth. I know I still drive Rick crazy wanting to go and do. But really, how can anyone not want to explore this great big beautiful world?

fearless2I do not want to miss a minute of what is out there, opportunities that constantly present themselves. I often get flack for planning: holidays, long weekends, checking travel alerts (you should follow #thepointsguy; he has great tips on last minute trips!), airline perks.

woo hoo


As long as we are physically able I am always up for another adventure. And now I want to include my grandchildren. What better way to keep young, don’t you agree?

This weekend is the Bacon Bash in Cranfills Gap. Of course we’re going! Stay tuned for the lowdown on that! And keep  up with me/us on our journeys!

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