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Just a Little Planning Makes All the Difference

I am so excited about my next travel excursion. This is for a week, so I can’t just throw a few items in my overnight bag and call it good. And since I’m not sure what all we will be doing, or can do, during this pandemic, I want to make sure I have all my bases covered. But I also don’t want to overpack. I am a stanch believer in the carry-on. Such a dilemma!

There are tons of travel clothing blogs out there. I know–I’ve scoped most of them out! As I used to tell my students, everyone doesn’t know EVERYTHING, so seek out those who can help you with the information you need. I have managed, I think, to cull that information for this 50+ travel blog.

1. Numero Uno–don’t overpack! Who do you know that travels for a few days and takes two suitcases? Or more? On our first trip to Europe I dutifully took a carry-on. But then I bought new clothes and Rick asks where I’m going to put them. Ruh roh! There are so many sites on Pinterest to show capsule wardrobes. Pack the basics and then accessorize.

2. What to wear to look your best–I try to read a lot of blogs, and I’ve noticed that they tell you how many items to pack, and for what climate, and such. But very few tell you which FABRICS are more packable than others. I admit that I made some mistakes when we went to Italy three years ago. My outfits were too clingy (Italy in the summer? Not wise), or too heavy (darling midi skirt, just not for there). First, you have to dress for your body type as it is, not how you wish it was! Second, pack either 100% cotton (tee-shirts), polyester (flowy dress) or a blend (black slacks, denim skinny jeans). That way you don’t have to pack a steamer, like my sister does. Say what? If I need to steam something, that something better just need a touch up that the good ol’ shower can do! I try to take a maximum of four types of shoes–kitten heels, tennies, casual walking and flip flops. Don’t forget good undergarments, and a caftan for casual cocktails or wind-down time (my mother taught me this one!).

3. Exercising no matter what–Keep up your workouts while you are on the road! It’s SO important as we age. You can do a simple workout in your hotel room. If you are into yoga like me, it’s difficult to pack my mat, so I opt for a towel to do my basic stretching. You can also fold up another to sit on for your beginning easy pose. Walking is likewise my go-to, but always be aware of your surroundings, especially while you listen to music or your favorite book.

4. Journal/notebook to write things down–I wish I would have thought of this for Italy! No way can I remember all of the amazing places we went. You want to make sure you remember eclectic places, what you eat/drink, and where you had a good meal.

I hope these have helped you on your next vacay. Happy travels everyone!

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