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Spend Time with Friends


Are you an “entertainer”? I’ve been told I am–in more ways than one! Ha ha. This past weekend we entertained friends, and friends of friends. Some people do not like to entertain. It really takes them out of their comfort zone. They like to visit others (maybe) but certainly not have people over. I admit there’s a lot to having guests: cleaning, straightening, organizing, etc. But I figure I’m going to do it anyway (eventually) so I don’t really mind. I come from a military family. My dad was a commander in the US Navy and my parents often entertained. I guess that may be why it is a natural segue for me. And my clever husband, Rick, helps, too; I marvel at the way he can carry on a conversation with young and old alike.


Friday night we had our friend Tom, his daughter, Jill, and Tom’s friends Joe and Carol over for dinner. What did I fix, you might ask? My contribution is Rick! Everyone knows he’s the cook around here. I CAN cook; it’s just not one of my favorite things. Rick started cooking when we were first married and excels all across the board. Everyone in the family  has always given him cook books, cooking utensils, etc. for Christmas gifts! Ha ha. Anyway, a little caprese salad followed with grilled shrimp and asparagus was the bill of fare. Yum! Naturally it was a hit.

Saturday morning again we had everyone over and he made a delicious breakfast of monkey bread, scrambled eggs and sausage patties. And I helped with the mimosas, naturally! Then it was off to our local brewery, Revolver, even though the temperatures really didn’t want to cooperate. But there was the $10-4 fills, a brewery tour and free music! A nice way to spend an afternoon.

That evening we attended a show at the New Granbury Live which we all enjoyed. Sunday morning we had a delicious brunch at Christina’s on the Square and everyone headed home. It was a great weekend with old and new friends.

friends2 My point is, as you may have guessed, that everyone needs to find time in this new year to take time for FRIENDS. You certainly don’t have to do an entire weekend like we did. Any amount of time that you can spend is well worth your time and trouble. Tom lost his wife late last year. He has been her caretaker for the last few years of her life. Rick and I noticed that he spent less and less time with friends playing golf and volunteering with local community organizations. In addition to that his eyesight is failing; he decided not to renew his driver’s license. Rick and I did not hesitate to be the “entertainers” for the group. How could we not?


Which are you? Be the right reason to make others happy! Do it TODAY!

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