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No Travel For You–Yet!


Friends, I started this blog three years ago with my daughter Allison when we were able to travel to and explore the amazing country of Italy. My niece was set on having a destination wedding, since she was marrying  a man originally from Milan. It was one of the best trips ever, especially since we did it with so much family. To get a cheap flight I chose to fly into Pisa and out of Bologna. Little did I realize at the time just how much we would be able to see! If you have never done that it’s really the way to go. Just a few of the pictures from our amazing two week visit:

July 2020: Back to this strange reality. This is just about killing me! To not travel?! At this point in my life it feels like a fate worth than death! I has two cruises lined up this year before COVID-19 struck. And if you have likewise never been on a cruise you owe it to yourself to try even a long weekend trip. Yes, after we’re through this pandemic, of course.

It’s like the Soup Nazi from Jerry Seinfeld’s show. No travel for you! I got a call just today from our Carnival cruise coordinator, Mario. He was calling to make sure that everyone in my group had received either their credit or a refund. I told him that I was ever hopeful that we would be able to get back on board the “fun ship” early next year. He said they all are!

So for those of us who love to travel and explore, I completely understand your disappointment! But I know that it will happen. We just have to be patient and do our parts: social distance, wash our hands and WEAR A MASK! I am happy to protect my neighbors and those I don’t even know.

Keep the faith people! I am plotting and planning my next adventure, either closer to home or across the continent.

How about you?

Essential Oils: I still LOVE and will continue to promote Young Living Essential Oils! Let’s get back to basics.

Another EO that should be in your basic set is YLOrangeorange. This beauty is as essential as lemon! It has such an uplifting aroma; I love to put a few drops in my hands, rub them together and inhale the delightful scent. Put a few drops in your conditioner to fight brittle hair and tame flyaways. It’s great for cleaning to eliminate odors. Finally, diffuse alone or with grapefruit, cinnamon or patchouli to freshen indoor air. A household must!

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