I’m a mother of 2 (a wildman 4 year old boy, and a very busy, very opinionated 2 year old girl), wife of a fireman, and a 2nd grade teacher. When I can find free time (usually when the kids are sleeping), I enjoy reading murder mysteries, organizing, obsessively searching Pinterest for new ideas, exploring new places (and wines!), and doing crafty things, some of which work out well, others that turn into “Pinterest-fails”. My idea behind this blog is to share some of my experiences (along with my mom’s), whether they be travel-oriented, classroom-oriented, or home-oriented. Hopefully you can relate/learn from some of our encounters, and if not, maybe they’ll make you feel like you’re not the only one living a crazy life!


I started teaching late in life (at 50, and in middle school no less!) and now feel very fortunate to be an adjunct professor for a junior college. I have a passion for travel, wine (oh, and vodka) and attending small town events. I am blessed with a great family and two rambunctious grandchildren (who often will be the subject of these blogs!). I plan to write about these subjects from an older, “grandmother” point of view. I hope that you can appreciate the contrasting and similar viewpoints between me and my daughter. We promise to be entertaining!