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Patience/Tolerance: Same Difference!

I hope you are all having good times and making happy memories these last couple of months of 2021. I don’t know about you, but I will be glad to see this year go! With a lockdown for 2020, we were hoping that this year would be a bit more lenient. We did get in some family trips but were still constantly reminded of COVID-19 restrictions. And then there was a bit of family drama over the Thanksgiving holiday. I was reminded (by my husband) that I needed to take a “patient pill.” What?! Who are you calling impatient?! Ummm, obviously me. Have you ever been right about something and feel the need to drive the point home because those around you don’t seem to get it? You get the idea. I definitely should have taken a different tack with my situation. Isn’t hindsight always 20/20? The misunderstanding has been rectified, but from now on I will be a little more introspective if and when a similar situation arises. Could you, too, use a little humbling?

I’ve mentioned that we are blessed to have a place in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I was also lucky enough to spend some time there by myself a few weeks ago. I did some maintenance and turned to see this bad boy walking by!

Later I ventured over to the Inn of the Mountain Gods. Unfortunately the bar area was not open at the time (!), but I did manage to get this beautiful sunset image from their back patio!

I’m still hard at work on my daily exercise. Daily walks are such a habit now that I feel badly if I don’t get one in. That’s why you sometimes have to force yourself to do something you do not like temporarily until you like it consistently! But everything in moderation, too. Tuesday was yoga, followed by 30 minutes on the exercise bike (I need to keep working that “new” knee), and then yesterday was Zumba. Maybe a little too much back to back, says my thighs! Ha ha!

I’ll continue to promote Young Living oils–I think they are the best! And speaking of achy muscles (!), try diffusing these oils individually to ease your pain: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Rosemary.

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