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Local Activities Are the Best, Pt. 2

[Last post in my Halloween costume!]

My husband is a good sport. When he’s not working, he tries to get things done around the house, but he’s also willing to go on an adventure. Personally, I think he really has FOMO (fear of missing out)! Ha ha. I am not a sit around-er, if you have been reading my blogs. If there is something going on within 100 miles I want to be there! After all, this IS a travel blog! My father-in-law often says that I will get tired of traveling, but I hope not. Maybe it’s because I started traveling early in life; my dad was a Navy pilot. Wherever he was stationed my mom and the five of us kids went. We even got to live in Japan for two years, and I still know a little Japanese. Yep, it’s in my blood!

We didn’t make it to the nearby Championship Barbecue Cookoff in Meridian (not my choice), but we were able to check out the races in Cresson. Motorsport Ranch has two tracks on which individuals can drive their sports cars, race cars and motorcycles. While I have upgraded my Jeep to a Mercedes convertible (an early birthday present to myself!), I did not participate in the racing. I do not feel the need for speed, but apparently others do! It’s hard to get the low-down when you are doing 60 mph on the highway, so I am glad we had the opportunity to see this venue first hand. And even though it was warm and windy, we enjoyed checking out, watching the races and talking to the participants.

Sunday evening our neighbors got us tickets for an incredible outdoor experience in Granbury–The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. You all probably know the story of Ichabod Crane:

Ichabod Crane, fictional character, a lanky and unattractive schoolmaster who is the protagonist of Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Ichabod Crane is quite poor, and his main interest is self-advancement. He attempts to further his cause by impressing the daughters of rich families with his learning. He is also very suggestible, however, and his belief in ghosts and other supernatural phenomena ultimately gets the better of him.

The group who presented the story was great! Here are some pictures I managed to capture:

And speaking of Granbury, keep your fingers crossed that our wonderful little city makes it three years in a row for the Best Historic Small Town in America!

Now about exercise: when we first moved here I turned one of my bedrooms into my “gym.” I had a weightlifting setup, as well as free weights, a mat and a yoga ball. But I used it infrequently. It turns out that I am best suited to, and more motivated by, a gym where there are classes (Zumba, pilates, yoga) as well as stationary bikes, treadmills, and exercise machines that I can use at my own pace. My local YMCA fills the bill! Have you checked out an exercise place in your area? I often read a blog where the person works out at an Orange Theory. How about you? What keeps you motivated to exercise?

I’ll continue to promote Young Living essential oils–I think they are the best! Since it is fall (another cold front is finally getting here to Texas!), thanks to #heytherejae for these suggestions: 3 drops of orange, 2 drops of ginger and 2 drops of cinnamon; 2 orange, 2 cinnamon, 1 eucalyptus, 1 clove; 2 bergamot, 2 lemon and 2 eucalyptus. Fill your house with these wonderful scents!

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