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Working It Every Which Way


Happy first full week of 2020! I am really excited about the upcoming year. There are so many good things happening, and I am going to stay focused on that. I refuse to let any negativity enter into my life! As an example, I had a situation with a friend that I felt would end our relationship, and I was resigned to that fact. However, after a short conversation we were back on track as friends. Hurray! That is why I keep coming back to my word for the year: ACCEPTANCE. I will accept the good, and the bad, and move on. Have you picked out your word that appeals to you?


I am so blessed in my life and I say a prayer every day! I have had a great vacation in Ruidoso, New Mexico these past few weeks, enjoying the family and snow and daily walks in the cool/cold mountain air. Here are a few pictures :


Now fortunately or unfortunately it’s back to reality! But it’s all good. I will continue my new routines at home. I’m looking forward to:

  • daily walks and workouts
  • lunch with friends
  • visiting new wineries
  • making new friends
  • traveling

Write down the things you want to do NOW. Quit putting it off! Things done for 30 days become a HABIT! Make them good ones. I’d love to hear your plans for 2020!

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