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In My Home Town

wp-15704094355695516702067369029791.pngLezlie’s take:

Another great weekend! Except the part where my great niece arrived prematurely. That little punkin’ was ready to come into the world! It was this niece that we took that last junket for, to Los Angeles. We have been concerned. But thank goodness all are well. I am going to schedule a time to get back out there and hold the little bundle myself!

My husband is a really great guy. He knows that my “hot button” is listening to local artists in a casual setting. That was happening here in Granbury with Lake Fest! Our great little town, this year appointed Best Historic Small Town in the US , always has something going on. I hate to leave town and miss anything! So this weekend, even though he wanted to get things done around the house, he relented and took advantage of our music scene. There were quite a few bands. We didn’t make the opening music,  but one that was dear to my heart was Austin Allsup, runner up in The Voice. He was terrific!


The closers were Truck Stop Gamblers, a local band. I am always going to support local, never fear!


And then there was the beautiful sunset over Lake Granbury. Can’t think of a better way to close out a weekend!


I hope you enjoy your home town as much as I enjoy mine!

Essential Oil:  I freshened up the house today with lemon, lime and Melaluca alternifolia (tea tree oil). Makes everything smell clean and fresh (especially when you don’t feel like cleaning house!).

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