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Ten Steps to Be Your Wonderful Self

So often when I was around my mom I was there when she was putting on her “face.” She would lament her wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles. My sister and I would be surprised at how much she would spend on products to “fix” these things. When she passed she was 89. Such an amazing life she lived, too! But I remember clearly one time when she was trying to put on mascara and fussing about her imperfections and I said, “Mom, you know no one notices that stuff but you. All we see is how great you are and how much we all want to be around you.” And that was the absolute truth! My mom was an Auntie Mame (those of you my age will remember who that was), colorful and fun and funny. And even passing at 89 years old I still miss her every single day.

I am at that same place now, well, only 25 years younger. But don’t we all look in a mirror and see only imperfections? Why is that? It may be because we have this internal expectation to be something other than what we are. And who sets those expectations? It’s another example of keeping up with the Joneses, don’t you think? I am going to see family this weekend and I can’t wait! And since I have a new, smaller car I am even more careful about how I pack. One of those expectations also includes how you dress. Who exactly puts the limit on that? It’s enough to drive a person crazy!

So following are ten life lessons from the iconic Iris Apfel (Mattel made a Barbie of her in 2018!) that I am compelled to share:

  1. Don’t obsess over your age. “You’re here. Embrace it. …Put your experience to work.”
  2. Pick a person who celebrates your successes. Find someone who encourages you and offers “unwavering support.”
  3. When something excites you, go for it. “I just feel things in my gut and I do them. If something sounds exciting and interesting I do it — and then I worry about it later.”
  4. To stay young you have to feel young. “Having a sense of wonder, a sense of humor, and a sense of curiosity — these are my tonic…”
  5. Care about your own opinion above anyone else’s. “If you have to be all things to all people, you end up being ‘nothin’ to nobody.”
  6. But don’t isolate yourself either. “…But if you don’t try to be part of things, forget it. That’s when your originality is going to work against you. Fit in first and then step out.”
  7. Money doesn’t buy success. “If you’re happy, have found love, are surrounded by good people, doing what you like and giving back to others, that’s success.”
  8. Style is not about spending money. “It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.”
  9. Start new endeavors with one small step. “You only fail if you do not try,” says Apfel.
  10. Don’t pretend you are younger than you are. “There’s nothing wrong with wrinkles. When you’re older, trying to look years younger is foolish, and you’re not fooling anyone. When you’re seventy-five and you get a face-lift, nobody is going to think you are thirty,” she says.”

There you have it. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Go YOU!

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Getting Down To Basics (Clothing)

Happy Friday! As a disclaimer, this is not a fashion blog. Never has been and never will be. I just don’t have the knack! My sister and I are so different. She has way more fashion sense than I do. I’ve often found myself trying to emulate that and where has it gotten me? In short, looking ridiculous! While we have similar facial features, our bodies are totally different. She got the long lean look from our Aunt Peggy, while I got my mom’s short, curvy look (minus the boobs). So try as I may, I’ve found that really the best way for me to dress is in my own inimitable style (which even at my age I’m still trying to nail down). However, I do like the way I look in workout clothes (minus the extra Covid pounds) which, probably like a LOT of you, I find myself in on a daily basis!

My sister turned 60 last year and like every other birthday person she did not get to celebrate in style in Italy like she planned. When she comes to visit (pre-Covid) she brings sooo much stuff! I have been reminding her at least every other month that when we go to Italy she needs to use a carry-on and not drag three pieces of luggage. Then I got to thinking, what does she/me/practically anyone really need? Which brought me to this blog’s purpose. If you’ve read any of the countless articles about parring down your closet (and January is a GREAT time to begin this task) you know it’s all about the basics that you can mix and match.

So I asked my daughter, sister and a few of my girlfriends (10 of us in all): “What are your five must have articles of clothing?” It was interesting to see! Five of us are still working but five of us are retired, so that has something to do with choices, I am sure. See if you are surprised, or maybe just what you agree/disagree with:

  • dark wash jean –9
  • black pants–2
  • white shirt/t-shirt–5
  • black dress–2
  • black pumps–2
  • tennis/workout shoes–2
  • good bra–3
  • black leggings–3
  • black blazer–1
  • black booties–2
  • colorful scarf–3
  • flats/sandals–1
  • hair ties–1
  • cardigan–3
  • lounge wear–1
  • denim jacket–2
  • black shell–1
  • colorful shirts–3
  • tunics–1

And then there were the sundry things:

  • purse–1
  • coat–1
  • jewelry–2

I don’t know if this really tells us anything, except that each person comes at fashion (or should I say “style”?) from a different direction. Being a retired teacher has changed my wardrobe immensely! I don’t have to wear blazers now, for example, but will keep a few in my wardrobe because no matter who you are I feel that they make you look polished.

The bottom line is, DRESS FOR YOU! Because the way YOU dress is the way YOU feel most comfortable. Heed he advice of the “Oscars” and be confident in 2021, ladies!

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Just Let It Go

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Has everyone now heard of Marie Kondo? No? She’s the little Japanese lady with BIG ideas about how to get rid of things that don’t “spark joy”. I have read her book, “The Magic of Tidying Up,” and she tackles what (almost) everyone hates–clutter! When I see stuff, like in my neighbor’s garage, or knowing that they “had” to build that storage building on their property, I cringe. How much, pray tell, do we really need?

I have never been a “saver.” I am the one who throws things away and then realize I need it later. I realize that there are many things that you just don’t want to tackle–your closet, your attic, your junk drawer (go here to watch the hilarious video of Jennifer going through hers!). I felt the world lifted off of my shoulders when I traveled to Europe the first time with ONE suitcase! And, believe me, I’ve never looked back.


I was at my in-laws this weekend and, well, let’s just say they had better not call me to help organize the mess there when Jesus calls them home! I will just throw everything in one big box. It was hard enough at my mom’s this past summer. Mimi had a lot a beautiful things–but what to do with it? If it was not your taste then it would be hard to bring it home “for posterity’s sake.” As it is I have half a garage full of things I couldn’t part with! Rick was upset that I was not going to be able to park my Jeep in the garage in the usual spot, but I assured him it was only temporary. Well, we’ll just see how temporary it is! I am still looking for my ideal house in which to put all of my treasures (now I really sound like an English teacher!). But it will fit everything just so and I will not have any clutter! [I wish]

So do yourself a favor and get rid of all of the things that are dragging you down. Get real! Do you really need all of that stuff?

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