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Where Are the Risk Takers?


I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! A day to celebrate with a loved one. But if you don’t have one–yet?– is there a way to get one? When I first saw my husband 40+ years ago across the college campus, I thought to myself, “If that guy looks half as good coming at me as he does walking away (cute butt in his baseball uniform) he’s the one for me.” And I yelled across the campus at him. He turned around and saw me waving and cautiously waved back. He probably thought I was a real nut! But! We soon met face to face, he ditched his HTH (home town honey), and the rest is history. What would have happened if I hadn’t taken the risk?

If you have read my blog you know that not only am I on a weight loss quest (10 more pounds to go!) but also on a “get healthier” quest. I am doing this for me and my future self. I have two awesome grandkids and I want to keep up with them as they get older. One of my favorite activities/challenges is playing golf. It’s something Rick and I enjoy doing together. A new year’s resolution is to play at least once a month. And while he is a natural at the game I really have to work at it. I could just throw up my hands and say I can’t do it, but, I persevere. I even have some good shots occasionally!

My point is: Don’t compare yourself. Do what you can do.


It took me a while to figure this out. I think a lot of people don’t pursue a goal/dream because they can’t see the proverbial “forest for the trees.” But you probably also remember this one: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! And what is the worst thing that will happen?

I saw Laura Dern the actress give an interview not too long ago. I wrote down this quote she made: That’s why we take risks, right? Why we say yes to things, because you never know what beautiful gift is awaiting you when we do.

I think I am going to put that on a sign. Put yourself out there. Learn a new sport, travel to a new destination, join a club or organization, call that certain someone, volunteer, say hello to someone at the gym. You won’t regret stepping out. Life is definitely for the living!



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