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Oh. My. Gosh!

How many times have I said that already this year? I feel like it’s a LOT! We are still in the midst of Covid and trying to get vaccines to the most vulnerable. And now here in Texas we are feeling the brunt of a colossal winter storm. Below freezing temperatures, stuck indoors, meeting yourself coming and going. There have been intermittent brownouts and water is sketchy. What’s a person to do?

The answer: HOLD ON!

You’ve heard this phrase I’m sure: This too shall pass. I am completely sympathetic with all of the people who are truly suffering. The pictures I have seen of broken water pipes in homes, flooding all of a person’s possessions, is truly sad. Then there are shelters that have been set up so families have a warm place to stay if they don’t have electricity. I have said a prayer every day and am so grateful for a (fairly) warm house and staples to sustain us.

It makes me think of the challenges we all go through: loss of a loved one, loss of a job, breakup of a relationship. Everyone has a way of getting through the trials and tribulations of life. You can pray about it, you can drink and/or eat (I don’t encourage overindulgence; you’ll live to regret it!), you can lean on friends and relatives. I do all of these! I am really bummed that right now I can’t get outside and do my daily walks. And they are getting harder now that my knee is getting worse (there will be an upcoming blog about my future knee replacement–yikes!) But we are already getting reports of much better weather coming soon and I love hearing that. I’ve joked before about the changing weather in Texas, like this one:

So just hold on, folks. Better days are coming. I feel it, I know it. Keep the faith!

Essential Oils: I still LOVE and will continue to promote Young Living Essential Oils! If you are new to essential oils, I highly recommend. And I think when you check out the number of companies that are out there you will agree that Young Living is really the best!

This one holds a special place because it was recommended by my mom’s massage therapist for my mom during the last months of her life. With the soothing aromas of basil, marjoram, cypress, lavender and peppermint, Aroma Siez was especially helpful when used with a carrier oil in a body and foot massage. Apply several drops on the back of the neck to help alleviate tension headaches. Aroma Seiz promotes calm and relaxation.

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