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Vary Your Routine

Goodbye 👋 January, hello February! I don’t know whether Punxatawnee Phil will see his shadow, thereby giving us 6 more weeks of winter. I kind of think so. But! February started off as a beautiful day 🙂 so I am ever hopeful.

A lot of us have started the Yearly Goals. Each year we decide to make changes: weight, self-care, travel, get out, minimize going out, etc. If you’re like me you put on the “pandemic pounds” and are actively working to get those suckers off. Is one of your plans to get better at journaling? Me too! What about tapping your creative side? I can’t wait until my local art association starts their painting classes! But are you at risk of doing the same things all over again, secretly sabotaging yourself and not accomplishing your goals?

No matter what your plans are, I challenge you to change up your routine! Changing your routine might just give you a new perspective. I live in a nice gated neighborhood and can easily walk here. But pre-Covid I got in my Jeep and headed to our lovely downtown area. There are numerous walking trails that I can take advantage of–and should!

How about writing things in a journal? According to one article,”… journaling can also release tensions, improve your mood, heal your emotions and stimulate your mind, which increases a feeling of empowerment for doing everything from setting new goals and trying new things, according to Dr. Elizabeth Jennings.” Writing in a journal takes a little time but also makes me slow down and reflect on thoughts and feelings.

What about travel? Many of us have had to pare down our travel plans. But while many locations are not encouraging people to visit, there are probably places not too far from your own backyard that you can visit. How about a nearby park? Getting out in nature not only helps with your exercise goals but can give you a sense of peace and well being. And take your binoculars so you can bird watch!

Essential Oils: I still LOVE and will continue to promote Young Living Essential Oils! If you are new to essential oils, I highly recommend. And I think when you check out the number of companies that are out there you will agree that Young Living is really the best!

Spearmint has a cool and uplifting aroma. It promotes digestion and helps with the occasional upset stomach. Spearmint can also enhance the flavor of food! Diffuse with eucalyptus to fight fatigue and increase focus.

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