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Disappointment and Direction

For some of us, this year is not starting out as we had hoped. No matter what your political preference, it’s still 2020.1. Amiright?! I had hoped that life would just be significantly better SOONER, but it sure seems to be slow going! I’ll turn this around (I promise!) but first I have to mention a few “flies in the ointment” as it were:

Disappointments: WEATHER–The last two weeks have been gloomy here in north Texas. I know it’s still winter, but seriously?! A front with drizzle and clouds decided to camp itself on top of us and stay waaaay too long! The best way to deal with this could be to curl up in a corner with a pint (tub?) of ice cream, but I’m really trying to be good. Am I the only one who feels that January is horribly long? TRAVEL–My sweet sister, who turned 60 last year, realizes that we are not going to be able to celebrate her momentous birthday in Italy THIS year either. Until this virus is a bit more contained, we can only think about where we’ve been and make tentative plans on where we would like to go. NEW CAR–the water pump went out on my 2004 Jeep Wrangler and then the radiator blew, so it’s time to look at a new car. I think it’s time to get back into a convertible! At my age I say why not? I went and looked at one, took it for a test drive and got all of the important information on it to take home to Rick. While we were on the back porch grillin’ and sippin’, I missed a phone call from the salesman telling me that it was SOLD that very afternoon! What the…?

Life can be full of disappointments. Who hasn’t been disappointed at one time or another? So when you keep facing situations, how do you rewrite the song in your head? Well, you put something else in there! You must REPLACE ONE DREAM/WISH/WANT WITH ANOTHER. You can focus on the have nots, but as my bio says, I tend to focus on the haves. Rick tells me all the time that I wear rose-colored glasses! Staying positive and focusing on new opportunities will dispel that negativity right out of your head.

On that note, my two grown children are likewise looking at new opportunities. Both have good paying jobs but want MORE. They are working on taking advantage of situations that have presented themselves, and I am enthusiastically encouraging them. Isn’t it really all about taking steps to realize your dream? More on this in upcoming blogs!

Essential Oils: I still LOVE and will continue to promote Young Living Essential Oils! If you are new to essential oils, I highly recommend. And I think when you check out the number of companies that are out there you will agree that Young Living is really the best!

Palo Santo is one of the best multitaskers in the Young Living line! Diffuse it to take advantage of its healing powers: reduces allergy symptoms (lowers the response to histamines), increases blood flow, lessens migraines and stress-related headaches, calms the nervous system and supports the immune system.

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