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A Little Here, a Little There

wp-15706624368345851597167499374545.png Lezlie’s take:

Here it is mid-week and I’m burning the candle at both ends–again! My husband, Rick, is fussing about not having weekends to get things done around the house (poor thing still works full time, unlike me, the adjunct (part-time) college professor). He says I have waaaay too much time to think of projects to get done. Now, I would argue, but it is true! Since my mom’s passing over a year ago I have been working to incorporate some of her things that are dear to me into our home. We were going to move but decided to stay put (we love our neighbors and neighborhood), so it’s time to move the stuff out of the garage. I also wanted to spruce up our living areas since we’ve been in the house for eight years now. New beds has been purchased for us and guests, and wood floors will be installed in a couple of weeks. So excited! And then there’s the new patio. We LOVE to be outside, no matter what the weather!  Rick is in the process of building an outdoor kitchen (he doesn’t mind doing the work when it’s something HE loves!).


After that is landscaping front and back. It’s work we plan to do ourselves, and it all can’t happen fast enough for me!

So we should stay put and finish one project? Ha ha! If only! I made myself a promise at the beginning of the year that I/we would visit our little “cabin in the woods” in New Mexico at least every three months. Allison, the grandkids and I were there in July but it’s time for a round trip. The eight hour drive isn’t fun, but waking up in the mountains just makes my whole body relax. My other happy place, so off we go!

The next post will be from there. And if the weather person is correct, I’ll be doing it either wrapped in a blanket or sitting in front of a fire–with a nice bottle of red, of course. Lows are projected in the 30s with highs in the 60s! See ya then!

Essential Oil: Fall and cooler weather makes me think of the “heavier” oils. Cedarwood, one of my favorites to blend, has such a wonderfully warm and woody scent. A few drops of it along with rosemary and lemon will make your home smell cozy AND clean!

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