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Junket Realized!

wp-15700576311037342650121680136688.pngLezlie’s take:

Let me start out by saying that was a grrrrreat weekend! It was crazy, harried, busy, frantic–but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! All of us who had a hand in making this baby shower come together deserve a big pat on the back. I helped, but my sisters-in-law did a lot of the work. I did make sure that all of the wine glasses stayed full! Ha ha! familycrazy2And isn’t it funny that even though you haven’t been together for a while (my sister and niece  are in California and we are all in Texas), it was very easy to just pick up where we left off. Family is like that sometimes, and we feel extra blessed.

I was the first one in town. My sister picked me up at the airport and off we went.We went to their new townhouse (still moving in) and I got to see my pregnant niece with the incredible swollen feet. Poor thing. And she has at least another 4-5 weeks! Not a happy camper for sure. I was thinking to myself that I was glad not to be in that household!

So many errands to run to pull off a successful baby shower for 60 people. Yes! My darling niece invited 60 people. I’m crossing my fingers that there will be a few no shows.  Next were Allison, and sisters-in-law Cathy and Denise. We closed out the first night with dinner at the restaurant where my nephew works. We don’t want to leave anyone out of the chaos!

Saturday we picked up the cake (and a few extra cupcakes for later!),img_20190928_1503564103054002884572774694.jpg last minute decorations, grabbed some lunch img_20190928_150830030_hdr5704389453130394237.jpg (my sister actually thought I could work on an empty stomach! Is that the California way??) and headed for the studio. Nic, the baby’s dad, makes commercials and does production work for studios in Los Angeles. It was a great venue to “stage” this party! His creation when the group arrived:


Isn’t that clever? Some pictures of the decorating:

(The pink lighting is because they are having a girl)

Finally the big day! Amid all of the insanity it was 100% a success! They got some beautiful gifts, food was delicious (and devoured), and everyone had a great time (there wasn’t 60 people thank goodness!). There was even champagne pong and an adult bottle beer drinking contest!

The next day my other niece, who manages a brewery in Anaheim, invited us to see where she works, and of course we couldn’t turn it down. Another fun day!

Finally it was time to race to the airport and call it a weekend. It sure helped that my sister knows how to drive in LA traffic! I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

Yes, I’d do it again. Actually, I’m already scheduling the next time we can all get together–in 2020. I’ll need a little downtime for the next family excursion! Ha ha!

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