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Time for a Junket!


Lezlie’s take:

I’ve been home waaaay too long! I love to get up and go, and I admit that I have enjoyed being at home and getting some things done. But distant places are calling, and this coming weekend is a trip to Los Angeles! My niece is having a baby in November and aunts and cousins are giving her a shower. Yes, we’re flying in from Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio for a weekend of fun. Does that sound extravagant to you? Well, I think I’ve mentioned before that we are a pretty close family. And we use just about any excuse to get together! On Sunday I’ll relate the antics leading up to the “party.” Wish us luck!


Essential oils: Thieves is a great EO to take on the road! Its antibacterial properties are terrific, especially the wipes. Diffusing cleans all of the impurities out of the air. Head off those germs!

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