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wp-15691869304511468941765889495543.png Lezlie’s take:

It was one of those weekends that you had all of these plans, but none of them materialized! Does that sound like you, too? It’s kind of frustrating! It doesn’t matter what you did, your plans were NOT going to happen. Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s just circumstances. Rick was asked to spend time with his brother AND go to a college football game. How could he say no? It’s important to keep those familial bonds intact. And since his wife has no interest in football he really enjoyed having Rick there.

I had this one little thing that I needed to finish. Just a little online driver’s safety course for getting a speeding ticket this summer. Yep, oops! Okay, with no immediate plans I could knock that out fairly quickly. EXCEPT THAT IT TOOK ME HALF A STINKIN’ DAY. You know the old saying, “actions have consequences”? I guess I deserved a wasted Saturday afternoon taking care of business that I should have taken care of a while ago [insert sad face]!

But I got back on track today, never fear! This girl has LOTS of plans in her little brain. I am sprucing up the backyard, bit by bit, even before the pool happens. I helped Rick hang the lights under the pergola. He also hung my signs. It looks terrific!


I’m trying to come up with the name of my “haven”: half of the backyard will be pool and the other half bird feeders and houses. We love to just sit on the porch and relax and watch the birds.


Maybe that’s it! Gravens Haven and Bird Sanctuary. I may just have hit on something, do you think? It’s important that there is a place, large or small, for you to relax and unwind. I am working hard to parlay my love for the outdoors to a space that does it all!

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