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Keep Planting Seeds

wp-15688450763767258652380013882299.pngLezlie’s take:

If you read Sunday’s post (here) then you know that I really do have a great husband. Not only does he cook (are you lucky enough to have one of those, too?) but he really enjoys getting his hands dirty outdoors. Here is a picture of the end result of my lover-ly flowers:


It really doesn’t look like that much work does it? But it was! Now, I did do my part and cleaned out the whole bed first (I’m one of those OCD cleaner types). Then he came in and mixed all of the dirt and nutrients before planting, and voila! A beautiful fall flower bed. Next is landscaping the rest of the front. Stay tuned!

And this all got me to thinking: a little at a time. I even tell my students, “if you’re going to fall, fall forward.” We’re soon going to talk about making goals. It’s a little weird that all of this is working together, like a parallel universe! I have so many plans, both at home and at school, that I sometimes get frustrated that things don’t work faster. And did you notice that no one ever wants to go at the same speed as you? I realize that has a lot to do with everyone’s particular situations, so I work hard at not taking things personally. But just “falling forward,” or making ANY kind of progress IS progress!

If you are a list maker like me, keep it in front of you. Just make sure to write down your plans/wishes/dreams/goals. There’s scientific proof that writing things down solidifies it in your brain. Plant those seeds and water daily!

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