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Fall Planting

wp-15685823329012579054506972455241.pngLezlie’s take:

Wellll, it might be close to the start of autumn (next week) but you’d never know it by Texas temperatures! Yep, still hot hot hot here. Allison and her family are now in an apartment while they house hunt and have access to a pool on the property. Oh, boy, I would be in that baby every day until I was completely prune-y! poolI have been trying to talk Rick into a pool since we moved into this house eight years ago–and he finally caved! So while it will be a few months before everything shapes up, a backyard oasis is in my future!

Once I got him to wrap his head around having a pool we are going full steam ahead with yard care. I cannot wait to redo the front of the house (I’m thinking now that I should take before and after pictures so you can see the difference!). While he did the mowing yesterday I thought I should at least do some weed eating around my once beautiful day lilies. What a huge ordeal it turned out to be! Did I mention this Texas heat? I don’t know what we were thinking, working all day in it. But the results are awesome! Now we can really see how things are going to look once everything is done. And had sheer exhaustion not taken over I would’ve done more.

img_20190915_180443784_hdr8798984179786815156.jpgYou may have missed my blog about out with old (here) but often change is a good thing! Cleaning and planting is cathartic, in my opinion. You hang onto things, or people, or thoughts WAYYY too long, thinking that something will change, even without your help. Still having that discussion about getting rid of perfectly good stuff, haha! But I love the thought of change with growth and creativity and satisfaction. Are you with me on this? Fall planting will bring new colors and maybe new new ideas.  Can you make some changes, big or small? Planting, literally or figuratively, will give you new energy! What’s on your list?

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