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Sharing Time Together

Lezlie’s take:

This summer was my/our 40th anniversary. Forty years married to the same guy. And we dated four years before that! It hasn’t always been sunshine, lollipops and rainbows (stole that from an old Lesley Gore song), that’s for sure! But we’ve managed to stick it out. This summer I “forced” him to go on a European cruise, which was awesome, which also brought his failing gall bladder to light, which lead to almost emergency surgery, which made me sooo thankful that nothing serious happened while we were overseas! And since there was a changing of the guards at his work, he has not had to travel as much. So all of this has meant time at home. A lot of it. With me.

time together

We started (finally) talking about his retirement and when he would do that. His prior response has been, “I guess I’ll retire when I’ve had enough. I’ll park my company truck on the side of the road and call them and tell them I’m done and where to find it.” Doesn’t that have kind of an angry tone? I think so! But lately he’s mellowed and actually might put an end date on this career. I guess he didn’t want to discuss it because he doesn’t want to stop working? He likes being busy and using his brain to figure things out. He likes being the go-to guy, the problem solver among his peers. I completely understand that. But this man is multi-talented and I got him to thinking about life BEYOND his 30+ year career. Lots of different opportunities!

So that means spending more time together. Yikes! Am I ready for that? His parents have been retired for 25 years. They are home together A LOT and it always seems like when we visit they find ways to annoy each other–A LOT! But I  think I’ve figured out why–they don’t DO things together! People marry for different reasons, but I think one of them is that you have at least SOME common interests. It seems that they don’t have any, and that is such a shame! We see a few friends that have the same problem. And to me that IS a problem! While we have our own interests (I like to shop and browse antique stores and look at art, to name a few; he likes to do woodworking and stained glass and fish) we also like to do things TOGETHER. I talked him into getting kayaks a few years back. It’s relaxing exercise on the water. We visit wineries and travel, either driving or flying, locally or internationally. And he still has that wicked sense of humor that’s kept me laughing all these years!

So while we may not make the changes quickly, I’m looking forward to the time when we lose the 9 to 5 routine and just spend time on us. I welcome more opportunities for our kids to ask, “where are you guys now?” Ha ha! That may not be your cup of tea, but, as the saying goes,


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