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Flexibility is the Key

wp-1567633444033935029740932320585.png Lezlie’s take:

Have you ever had a big monkey wrench thrown in your “plans”? You were just going along your merry way and BOOM everything changes. Sometimes it’s for the good, but too often it’s not so good. You end up sitting back and surveying the damage and wonder why you didn’t see it coming.

That was me last week! My husband Rick was having more than acid reflux, so a few trips to the doctor let him know that his gall bladder was the culprit and needed to be removed. When going through the pre-surgery questions they mentioned a health scare that caught us both by surprise. Say what? How did we not know? It’s something that we can remedy but we will need to make some serious changes to our lifestyles!


I guess sometimes you just keep going on, living your life and don’t realize that you need to make changes. Let me rephrase that: you know you need to; you just don’t want to! For us (and I’m going to go down this path with him) it’s eating MUCH healthier and adding a LOT more exercise into our daily routines. I could point fingers and say this is all up to him, but actually we all know that the woman runs the household. Amirite? And I can help make these changes a whole lot easier by joining him in the re-boot process. Heaven forbid I cut out unnecessary sugar and carbs from MY diet! Ha ha. I hope you know I’m kidding. There are very few of us who can say they are always on track with their health issues.

And I also want to say that I/we will do this for our kids and grandkids (I even cried last night because I am still missing my momma, over a year later, who passed at the ripe old age of 89), but I really need to do this for myself. We know that no amount of gentle “persuasion” from family and/or friends will make us do something we don’t want to do! Can I get an AMEN?!

why    So if there are changes you need to make in your life, whether it is about your health (mental/physical), or single/marital status, or taking up a hobby, or maybe meeting people?, it is never too late! As Rob Schneider said in The Waterboy, “you can do eet!” Start small, like us, and cut out sugar, or take a walk, or volunteer. It will put your mind to ease much faster than you imagined!

Essential Oil: It’s almost fall, y’all! Well, in most other places, but they forgot to tell Texas because it’s still hotter than blazes here! But an essential oil that you can use right now that works in the kitchen (we’re working on our “diet”) and smells like the changing of the seasons is cinnamon! Start with 1 drop when cooking until you know the potency in your recipe. Diffuse with orange, ginger and nutmeg for a “gingerbread cookie” aroma!

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