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Meeting new people

Lezlie’s take:

One of the benefits of teaching at the college level is the different people you meet. I am an adjunct (part-time) professor, so I teach at the main campus and a local satellite campus. You never know which instructors are staying, who has moved on, and who is brand new. I am an outgoing person so I often introduce myself to any newbies–and probably frighten them just a bit!

Likewise in my classes, I never know who I am going to meet. There are quite a few who, like me, jumped into the college scene late and have to balance school, jobs and families. And then there are the fresh-out-of-high-school/I-have-no-clue-what-I-am-doing group. My class, Learning Frameworks, is basically a life skills class that teaches staying organized/using a planner, staying focused on your chosen career, goal setting, test-taking strategies, note-taking strategies, etc. I can hear a lot of you now: “how do I sign up for that?”, or “how can I get my husband/wife/son/daughter signed up?” Ha ha! I hear it all of the time. By the time the semester is over the majority of students are very glad they took this course.


I read the book, Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. She is a motivational speaker whose lectures strengthen a woman’s belief in herself and provide infinite inspiration. Recently chapter 19 spoke to me.  She wrote, “…I think the ability to seek out community with people who are different from me makes me a stronger, better version of myself…” And while I do not seek them out, per se, I feel fortunate to have a varied group of students in my classes. One of their assignments, after I have explained what a professional email is all about, is to write an email to me and tell me a little about themselves. Some stories are sad, some are silly, but almost all include their wish to improve their lives and those of their parents/siblings/children. Let me tell you, I am inspired to keep them going in the right direction and give them the support they need to accomplish their goals. One of my new students is from Bangladesh! He writes that his dad is a district judge and he has a stay-at-home mom and two siblings. He was the only one chosen to study abroad. He ends his email with, ” Hopefully over this semester we will have a better understanding about each other as a student and teacher and i shall pass this course with my best efforts. Thank you.” How awesome is that?! I hope I don’t disappoint!


So my hope for you is that you make yourself available to new people and opportunities. You never know what you will learn, and isn’t that what life is all about? What is an instance where you screwed up your courage and met someone new? How did that make you feel? Share!

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