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Different Kinds of Busy

wp-15658199220671474492523049890449.png Lezlie’s take:

Anyone who meets me immediately realizes I am an extrovert. We extroverts don’t really have a problem meeting people, or talking to people, or relating to people. Our one fault (I’m stretching this, obviously) is not giving the OTHER person a chance to talk. We just love a conversation! This really came in handy on our trip to Europe. We met so many interesting people from all over the world!

Allison argues that she is not really an extrovert (she is very outwardly friendly, talkative and cheerful) because she doesn’t necessarily LIKE to talk. She is more introverted because she REALLY values her alone time. This is soooo us!



But there is this tiny part of me that appreciates alone time as well. No really! Like, I LOVE to travel, but I do relish the time when I get home and get to wind down and just relax. Are you with me on this? I am blessed to have many friends, and I love it when I am included in a variety of functions. But at this point in my life I also like to be able to pick and choose, and not feel obligated all of the time. Do you think I have actually realized that sometimes I can spread myself too thin? Perish the thought!

In that respect, Rick and I were contemplating selling our house and moving to another part of town. Long story short we decided that our house, while too large for the two of us, is in a really nice neighborhood and we choose to stay put. I want to put a little more time and effort into decorating (Allison will come in handy here; I am definitely not the creative one!) and refurbishing. I want to incorporate some of my mother’s furnishings into our lifestyle and update ours (bye bye, 30 year old sleigh bed!). Rick is not totally on board yet (i.e., if it’s not broke why fix it?). But if nothing else we Virgos are methodical and practical, love lists and organization (for the most part), and PLAN (as I sit and wait for the electrician)!


So while I am not going to be technically on the move, I will be “working” at home and just enjoying a little down time. “That doesn’t sound like down time to me,” I can hear some of you saying! I know! But the ADD in me will not let me do nothing (does anyone else feel guilty reading a book in the middle of the afternoon? I know you’re out there!) So here goes a little sprucing up, a little renovating, maybe even a little creativity! Wish me luck!

Essential Oil: Being outside is one of my favorite things (except right now when it’s 100 degrees in Texas!) so our wonderful citronella EO is terrific! From the website:

  • Apply topically before and during outdoor activities.
  • Use Citronella’s bright scent to sweeten a custom fragrance or diffusion blend.
  • Apply topically to refresh and moisturize skin.
  • Use as an alternative to deodorant. Combine with Tea Tree essential oil for added strength.
  • Create a DIY floating candle bowl to create a peaceful ambiance and pleasant aroma during outdoor parties.

To order or explore Young Living’s oils, click HERE

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