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Traveling for family and fun!

Bitmoji Image   Lezlie’s take:

I think you know I love to travel. That is what this blog is all about! And it’s a little easier for me, now that I don’t have little ones running about, like Allison does. Boy do I remember that! Once they came along it was all about the kids. Now at the ripe old age of 60+ I can go at the spur of the moment. Which is what I did last weekend!

And although I love to travel, I don’t think about the miles I put on our vehicles. Of course my smart husband does. When he heard that I wanted to go to San Antonio and Houston he suggested that I rent a car. Enterprise was having a weekend $49 special so BOOM! To quote Willie Nelson, I was “on the road again”!

A few months back I bought tickets to EddieBComedy. If you are a teacher I bet you know who he is! He started as a teacher in Houston who entertained fellow teachers in the teacher’s lounge, then quickly became a Youtube sensation with his antics. I bought great tickets for the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio and planned to take Allison for a mom’s night out. When she FINALLY checked her calendar, she realized that she was committed to a long weekend with her husband’s family at the beach. I asked my sister-in-law, Cathy, a fellow teacher if she was interested and she said YES! We had a grrrreat evening, laughing, eating, imbibing all in the name of education!



The next day I took off for Houston. We are a very connected family and I was dying to see my great niece! That was a 3 hour drive, but again, I don’t mind! It’s all about the results. This was the baby of the niece that we went to Italy for her wedding. Bellisima! It was a great visit, and I LOVED holding sweet baby Antonella (named after her maternal grandmother). A lucky little family for sure.


If you are given the opportunity, I say take it. It was a lot of driving on my part, but spending time with family (that you like!) makes it worth all of the time and trouble. Venture out–you won’t regret it! Tell me, have you done the same?


Essential Oil: One of the things I think I have neglected to mention is how GREAT oils are for travel. And I ALWAYS keep the 5 ml bottles in our vehicles. My favorite is citrus fresh. I use it just after my yoga classes; a few drops in my palms rubbed together, inhale and you are instantly refreshed! Another I love is Energize. A few drops in our car diffuser and it is a great ride!

To order or explore Young Living’s oils, click HERE

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