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Just Keep the Ball Rolling!

Bitmoji Image Lezlie’s take:

UPDATE: Wellll, I STARTED this post two weeks ago! I should have known that FUN would get in the way of me completing and publishing it! Have you ever started something and left it undone because it had to be just so? THAT’S ME! I was thinking that I had to have all of my “ducks in a row” which obviously didn’t happen so voilà! So I will finish this FINALLY and then move on! Back to the beginning:

It’s amazing how spending time with little ones throws your plans completely off schedule–like there actually was one! I mentioned last week that Rick and I were keeping our grandkids, ages 6 and 4, for a week so that Allison and Jeff could spend some adult time in New Orleans. We were happy to do it because we live four hours away from them. So I had this great idea to take the kids to Arkansas for a few days and show them the sites. My husband, the rational one, convinced me a long drive when they are this young is not a great idea. So! Never fear–Gigi came up with a Plan B!

We decided to stay close to home and take advantage of a few things in our “neighborhood”, which includes the Ft. Worth/Dallas area. We got up Wednesday morning and took off for Grapevine Mills, and the Legoland Discovery Center. It was a surprise, and you should have seen their faces when we walked up to the building! Priceless! I took advantage of the coupons provided by Sonic to get the kids in free with and adult. If your kids or grandkids are into Legos this can’t be beat! There were building stations, rides, car racing, and entire cities out of Legos! Then to top it off, there was a water park! Bonus! It was a great day.


Staying at a hotel is usually fun, and this was no exception! We got to eat in the restaurant (and practice our manners), swim in the indoor pool (wait, it ISN’T heated?), and go up and down in the elevators. Bedtime was a bit of a challenge though, but we made it through!

The next day we decided to venture a little farther and went to the Dallas World Aquarium. Thank goodness for the kids because I don’t think this ever would have been on my radar. What a terrific experience for young and old!  It’s three levels and there was so much to see! There’s the Orinoco Rain Forest on three levels and the Mundo Maya on two levels. Here’s a bit of what we saw:

We finished out the weekend at Gigi and Papa’s house: playing at the neighborhood activity center and swimming at the Y. Then Gigi bravely drove them to the family lakehouse where the parents resumed their duties and Gigi went on a lonnnggg break! Haha!

ADDENDUM: FYI, Allison had a rough end of the year and is currently on another mini-vacation with the family to Port Aransas, Texas. She will rejoin us next week!

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