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Let the Playing Begin!

Bitmoji Image Lezlie’s take:

Hellloooo summer! We welcome you with open arms! Rick went out of town last week and because I am such a good wife I stayed around the house so it wasn’t empty when he came home. But when he said he had to go back to west Texas this week I said, “See you later!” I’ve got big plans for the next few months!

My first stop was to see my sweet grandson graduate from kindergarten. Oh my, he is growing up too fast! I am glad I was able to be here to see the ceremony.

After his little graduation ceremony he had the option to stay or leave with his Gigi, so naturally he came with me! First stop–McDonald’s of course for a Happy Meal. Then we went for a toy with money from the tooth fairy (more on that later) followed by a movie. He picked Pokemon Detective Pickachu. Allison said she was really glad I took a bullet because neither she nor Jeff wanted to see that! Haha! Brodie thoroughly enjoyed the movie and didn’t mind explaining all of the characters to me.



And he is already losing teeth, so there are the visits from the tooth fairy. He decided that he really wanted this toy. He showed me the money he got from the tooth fairy and I put it in his desk for safe keeping. However, when we got to Target he didn’t have the money. I told him I would loan him the $5.00 and he could pay me back with his Tooth Fairy money. A discussion ensued about how he shouldn’t have to spend the money from the Tooth Fairy but he didn’t mind spending mine! Oh those life lessons!



I love the freedom that my teaching career gives me. From here I’m not sure where I am headed–to the family lake house or to the mountains of New Mexico. But I need to head home also to get some things done around the house. The disposition of my mother’s estate is imminent and I have big plans on adding to our landscape. Stay tuned!

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