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Women are underrated

Bitmoji ImageAllison’s Take:

Women are amazing creatures. Talk to any mom about her day and you’ll be AMAZED at all the things she was able to accomplish (Now, this isn’t to say that men can’t/don’t do the same things. But if you happen to know one, send him my way and I’ll shake his hand and buy him a cup of much needed-I’m sure!- coffee!) How is it possible that women/moms are able to accomplish the amount of things they do in one day, while also managing to do a pretty good job at those tasks?!

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I had a friend once tell me that “women are like spaghetti, and men are like meatballs.” Women typically are working/thinking about a million different things at once (thinking: ‘when is that field trip form due again? What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow, I need to lay the kids clothes out. Oh ya, need a new change of clothes in the baby’s bag, she had another blowout. Oh, I bet that jacket is getting too small for the kindergartner, probably should swap that out for a different size. Oh ya, add shoe shopping to the list, he said those were pinching his toes…’ while also doing/yelling: “stop hitting your sister!” “yes, I’d love to hear a joke (insert inner cringe here)”, flip the grilled cheese before it burns, “no, I don’t know EXACTLY how many hours are left until summer vacation”, add Image result for multitasking womensome veggies to the plate to make it seem like a healthy meal, “Why are you crying?! I’m sorry the sun is going down. It does that every night.”) And that’s only about 5 minutes out of about a thousand in a day. So back to the spaghetti reference. You know how spaghetti is all mixed together and it’s hard to tell where it starts and ends? Yup, just like a woman’s brain. One thought leads to another, but somehow they are all able to co-exist, and (most) of those thoughts turn into action.

Men however… can do approximately 1 thing at a time. A meatball is a clear, defined shape. It may be near other things, but they don’t really work together (the same 5 minutes from before, but from a man’s perspective: grilled cheese. Wait until it’s ready to flip. Then flip. Place on plate. Turn around. “Why is everyone crying? When did ya’ll come inside?”)

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To be fair, my husband is MUCH better at a lot of things than I am. He keeps us financially responsible (I would definitely blow all our money at Target or Specs), keeps our cars in working order (he asked me tonight how long the ‘check oil’ light has been on in my car. I didn’t have an answer), does all those sporty things with the kids, and cooks dinner most nights. But ask him to do something WHILE he’s doing any one of those things, fahgeddaboutit… ESPECIALLY don’t tell him anything important while he’s otherwise occupied. And that includes eating. There’s no way he can comprehend what you’re saying while chewing. I have to make sure he’s looking at me when I tell him something important.

So, cheers to all you moms out there busting your butts to do a ridiculous amount of things in an equally ridiculous amount of time. I know you probably don’t think anyone sees you keeping all those balls in the air, but trust me, other moms do.



Bitmoji Image Lezlie’s take:


Well, I’m not sure I know how to follow that! I watch in awe what my child/daughter is able to accomplish, at home and as a 3rd grade teacher. I am pretty sure that I did the same thing when she and her brother were growing up, but I never stopped to think about it. I was too busy juggling all of those spinning plates! Ha ha! But Allison has a way of summing it up beautifully. We women seem to constantly add things to said plates, even if they are already overflowing (sure I’ll serve on the …committee. Sure I’ll be room mother (again). Sure I’ll go to that meeting and represent…) It never ends! Thank goodness now I am of the age that I get to pick and choose how I spend my time and not feel obligated to be involved with every little thing.

Many women are blessed to have a partner who helps. As she mentioned, her husband, Jeff, is a lot like her dad/my husband Rick. They do a lot for us, from taking care of the house/yard/car, keeping the kids (Rick even does a great job with the grand kids!), to cooking. But I have to agree with the multitasking part! I have a lesson in my college course for my students about multitasking (don’t do it; you cannot surf social media, read a textbook and retain information). However, I did come across an article in Science Focus that was very interesting:

In many laboratory tests, men and women do equally well. In a more realistic study, men and women under time pressure had to juggle simple mathematics problems, answer the phone and decide how to find something lost in a field. During the study, the women were found to be calmer, better organised and planned more carefully than the men. But even if this difference is real, we still don’t know whether it is biological or culturally imposed.

So let’s hear it for the ladies! Let’s give each other a big pat on the back for all of our accomplishments!



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