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Make Some Ambitious Changes/Be Like Carmen Sandiego

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Welcome Spring!! We are so happy that the weather is finally warming up. Well, not quickly, but there is a change! And isn’t it always the same: you welcome the fall because you are tired of the “dog days of summer,” and now we’re so done with the cold, so c’mon sunshine and longer days! We were in Ruidoso last week for spring break, and it was still quite cold there. I don’t mind it really when we’re in the mountains. But I am back in the “real” world and ready for a change! Our word for the week is AMBITION.

Did we throw you off with the title? Are you are old enough you remember who Carmen Sandiego is? If not, here is some background: According to Wikipedia (not the most reliable resouce, but it will work here) Carmen Sandiego was an international thief (1985). “Most of her crimes in the games involve spectacular and often impossible cases of monument theft, which are used as a pretext to teach children geography via the simulated process of tracking Carmen, the stolen monuments, and her accomplices all over the world.” Her name became synonymous with travel, discovery and solving mysteries.



According to Merriam-Webster, ambition means “…desire to achieve a particular end…a desire for activity or exertion.” If you have read our posts you know that Allison and I are always checking for various venues nearby, either for adults or activities we can take the grand kids to. We were lucky enough to be in Ruidoso last week. Rick’s ambition was to put new storm doors on the cabin, and well, my ambition wasn’t quite the same, as you probably guessed. I am always on the look out for a good time (heh heh, not that), so I scoped out what was happening in the mountains. There’s always something! This was the first Mountain Smoke Festival and I would venture to say it was a success! A $20 wristband got you tastes of beer, wine and barbecue, plus wonderful music to listen to. A really nice surprise was getting to see a great young artist, Kensie Coppin . All of my favorite things rolled into one!


Turn this up and give her a listen!



We just want to remind you that it is never too late to do something different. Poor Rick. He just asked me, “so what are we doing this weekend?” We are going to see the amazing tulips in Pilot Point, Tx! Read about them here. It should be a great weekend, because nearby is a lake. We are going to take our kayaks, and Mia will wear her life vest, and Rick can do some fishing. There is an A++ barbecue joint down the road. I will keep you posted!



Essential Oil:   A blend I found on Pinterest called Spring Breeze includes these three:  Geranium, Lemon and Orange. Lemon and orange are instant refreshers and blended with the soft flowery scent of geranium (which is also amazing for skin care!) your whole house will be springtime fresh!

To order or explore Young Living’s oils, click HERE

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