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Make the Most of It!

 Lezlie’s take:

This past weekend we traveled to Salado, TX to attend a memorial service for a dear friend’s wife. It was a somber occasion, and yet there was so much love! Our friend was so happy to see us, as were members of his family. We met old friends and made new ones. Rick and I were so glad that we made the trip. Our word this week is UNCOMFORTABLE.


Last week my boss (head of my department at the college) came to my class my observation/performance review. It could have been uncomfortable, but I was confident in my lesson plan and teaching style that I did not let her presence in the classroom unnerve me. It is a necessary part of the education process and I was grateful that I was prepared and my students were participating in our class discussion.

Even though I work part-time I am still busy. I force myself to work out or take an exercise class and walk Mia (my 12 year old Maltese). You know there are those things that you DON’T want to do but you know they are GOOD for you, so it’s important to schedule the time to do them! Just for yourself. Exercise is one of them and probably the most important! I have gone beyond just trying to lose weight, but also to stay fit. It has been collllddd here in Texas, so taking my daily walk outside with Mia has been impossible. But working out at the YMCA is not impossible! You have to make time to do the uncomfortable.

Next week is Spring Break for a lot of us (one perk of being a teacher!). We are headed to Ruidoso to do a little work. I wouldn’t say that I am uncomfortable, but I would much rather do the fun stuff. However, when you own a house you always have to tend to the upkeep. It’s never ending! I will manage to slip in some fun. Our timing is just right time attend the Mountain Smoke BBQ Festival in Ruidoso.

There are always going to be the must-dos. We all know it. But if you can “roll with the punches,” you will find a way to make good of an uncomfortable situation. Is it you? Is it family? Friends? Tell us your last uncomfortable situation and how you handled it!


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