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I love an adventure. Ask just about anyone who knows me! And I have the sweetest neighbors who willingly pick up mail and newspapers if it’s a short time away from home. Weekend before last was a mini-adventure. Rick has been working in west Texas and had to work through the weekend, so that meant no coming home. He called and said, “So why don’t you come here? You can shop and explore during the day and we can do something in the evening.” Sold! So Mia the Maltese goes in doggy day care, I pack my bag and off I go. What is that old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Our word this week is OPPORTUNITY.


Allison and Jeff are in the market for a new house. After SOME discussion she comes home to find the For Sale sign in the front yard! Not totally shocked, but…Having been in a similar situation many years ago, you have to decide if you are going to “fish or cut bait” (is that a Texas or a Southern saying?) or maybe, using a poker analogy, if you are “all in.” She agreed to be “all in,” even though the extra stress of getting a house ready for showing is enormous. And with a 3 and 5 year old? “Those aren’t the clothes I wanted to wear!” “I can’t find my packpack!” “I want a fruit roll up in my lunch!” As we often say in times of stress, “kill me now!” But the advantages of seizing this opportunity were too great to pass up. With a few showings they might already have an offer–above market price! It’s all about timing.

Taking advantage of opportunities doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. Often that is not the case. But I think the end result is most often a good one. I have zinged my family with “I can get these tickets cheap. Are you in?” Pretty sure they cringe when they see my number on their phone. But often opportunities are a surprise; you can’t wait to take a hold of them. I know everyone does not feel the same way. Do you?


So here we are. Rick and I were home for one whole weekend before we are off again! Unfortunately in different directions. I’m headed to a 70th birthday party and a baby shower and he is headed–for work. I don’t know why he always draws the wrong cards! (another poker analogy). I hate it that we can’t be together but I know there will be future opportunities. Are you allowing yourself to see what is available?

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