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Bend So You Don’t Break

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I know we said we would blog once a week, but I can’t help it if I have thoughts I want to write about! When Allison and I were talking about our CHANGE blog (read it here) she also mentioned that we needed to write about being FLEXIBLE as well. Of course that ties together! Often we are willing to change, but only if things go a certain way. Or only if others will change. Or if it suits us!  I think this explains a lot:


Sometimes we are so set in our ways, or beliefs, or thought patterns, that we become myopic. But as most of us have realized, often life doesn’t go the way you want it to. So now is the time to decide to be a little more flexible. Does it really have to be done a certain way, like it is written in stone, or can you accept subtle changes? In my years of teaching there are few things that help your psyche more than being flexible! And if you have kids? Whew! I am often asked, since Rick and I have been married for 40 YEARS this year (and dated for four years before that!) how we’ve lasted for so long. We often say that it’s compromise which, in essence, is flexibility! The longer you are in this life the more you understand that: no one’s way has to be THE right way. Wait, think, ponder, get the other person’s point of view.

Being flexible in your daily life ultimately makes for a better you!

Essential OilMastrante. This oil is from Latin America and because it is high in limonene (from the peels of citrus fruits) has a refreshing, light scent. It promotes a sense of calming and relaxation.

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